Diastasis Recti: Learn What It Is, Check Yourself and Start Rebuilding Your Body

Diastasis Recti is a split in the abdominal muscle and it usually happens to women during pregnancy. After giving birth most women are left with a stomach that looks pregnant, a pouch and wobbly.

Diastasis Recti is an issue that post partum women worldwide battle with. In Nigeria, the rate of Diastasis Recti is increasing.

Most women have not heard of it and have no idea that they may have it

Most resort to exercise that might make the separation wider, ineffective flat belly tea and waist cinchers that do nothing to address the fundamental problem which is an abdominal separation.

In this video you will learn what really happened in side your body, how you can test yourself to know if you have it and the 2 steps you need to master and start using immediately to start closing the gap and regain your quality of life that may have been affected by DR.

After you must have watched the video, tell me  one single thing that you’re taking away from this episode today?

I will love to hear your questions, comments or any feedback you may have. I read all your comments.

There are more articles on our website on Diastasis Recti here and a program for women with Diastasis Recti that will give you all the information and  guide with exercise and nutrition specifically to start healing and rebuilding your body.

Watch this video before you do any other exercise because you may be doing more harm to your body. Learn what DR really is, how it happens, how to test yourself and the steps you need to start taking to rebuild your body


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