Can Rice Make You To Gain Weight?

If you’re in Nigeria, you love eating rice and want to lose weight, most weekends will look like a major conspiracy to sabotage your  weight loss goal.

There are weddings, house opening, child dedication, one party or the other and all of them with mouth watering, well prepared rice.

We’ve not even talked about the rice you ate within the week and the one you are sure to prepare on Sunday.

What if I told you that rice may not be causing you to gain weight; that there are other factors, 3 of them that might be causing you to gain weight?

And, that you can enjoy your rice as many times as you want once you adjust certain things.

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There’s no food on its own that can cause weight gain. What is causing you to gain weight might be any of these 3 factors or a combination of the 3.



  • The quantity of the rice you eat
  • What you’re eating the rice with
  • Your general lifestyle

Lets take a closer look

  1. If  you eat a full plate of rice every time and everyday it can cause you to gain weight because it will add to your calorie load. Reduce the quantity of your rice.

Instead of the big quantity you were eating before, make it half. After eating that half drink water and check how you feel . Wait for about 5 minutes to check if you’re still

Most times it not that you want to finish that big plate of rice, its just that your body has become used to finishing a big plate of rice.

Reduce the quantity and retrain your body to become satisfied with a smaller quantity.

2.   If you eat your rice with potato, fried plantain or yam by the side, you’re getting your calories up. Instead of eating with more carbs, replace the yam and potato with vegetables, chicken, moi- moi or vegetable stir fry.

By adding protein and vegetables, you’ve added more nutrients to your food and reduced the calorie. You’ll still enjoy your rice but with more tummy filling and body nourishing food.

3.   What’s your lifestyle like?

Are you sedentary?

What do you eat throughout the day?

Are you getting some exercise?

How stressed are you?

Do you get the essential nutrients that your body needs to function properly on a daily basis?

Answering these questions will give you an idea of other things you may be doing wrong that is combining with your love for rice to make you gain weight.

Are there foods that you love but feel that is what’s making you to gain weight?

Let me know in the comment section below

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Can Rice Make You To Gain Weight?

2 thoughts on “Can Rice Make You To Gain Weight?

    1. Hi Laolu. Bread alone cannot cause you to gain weight. Its the accumulation of unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise that causes weight gain. The same thing I said about rice applies to bread and every other food.

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