Big Belly Is Not a Sign of Wealth; It’s a Warning Sign That Something Is Wrong

In Nigeria, most people see a fat belly as a sign of wealth but this is a wrong perception, a big belly is a sign of excess fat, or a sign of some underlying sickness.

Although fat anywhere in the body is bad, abs fat is the worst place to have fat because it wraps round your internal organs and stops them from functioning at their maximum capacity.

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If you have ever taken a look at the inside of a chicken, you will see fat; that yellow, oily and slimy substance covering the organs – the kidney, gizzard, heart etc

The same way it covers the organs of the chicken is the same way excessive fat covers your organs and stops them from functioning at their maximum capacity.

Excessive abs fat is the major cause of High blood pressure, Cardio vascular diseases, reduced quality of life and increased blood sugar level.

The major causes of big belly include:

  • Being overweight
  • Overeating
  • Excessive intake of alcohol
  • Improper digestion
  • Bad eating habit
  • Sedentary lifestyle

To check if you have abs fat, you need to do a simple measurement of checking your waist

Get a measuring tape (tailors tape) and wrap it round your bare waist.

This is not a workout so do not engage your abs. Let it all hang out.  Measure your waist at your belly button. If you’re a woman your abs circumference should be below 35 inches and for a man it should be below 40 inches.

waist number

Abdominal fat not only diminishes your quality of life it can cause low self – esteem. That is why most people with abdominal fat go to great length to hide it. Hiding it will not give you a flat tummy.

The only healthy way to fight abdominal fat is weight loss through exercise and proper nutrition. Wearing body shaper will only hide the bulge when you are wearing it. When you remove it everything gradually unfurls.

Do the proper exercises –   cardio and strength training exercise

Eat fiber as it will help you by making your bowel movement regular and also help in expelling fat

Eat more whole grains like bean, lentil, oats, and local rice

Avoid processed food like meat pie, cake and carbonated sugary drinks. Research by scientists at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in Massachusetts found that people who drank carbonated drink every day put on nearly a liter or 852 millimeters in extra visceral fat over six years.

Do not overeat or eat mindlessly. People tend to over eat when they are eating in front of the TV. Eat just what your body needs not because the food is there or because it’s delicious.

Detoxify regularly. Have a fruit and vegetable fast once a week. This will help keep your digestive system on track.

Start a healthy eating plan and exercise program not fad diet or slimming pills.



Big Belly Is Not a Sign of Wealth; It’s a Warning Sign That Something Is Wrong

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