Focus On Well being And Wellness Not Weight Loss

Because all you need for weight loss is inside well being.

Have you ever stopped to consider that everything you need to prevent, high blood pressure, prevent diabetes and live a healthy and fulfilling life is the same steps you need to lose weight?

The reason you’ve been gaining weight, losing it, gaining it again is because you’re not thinking about your well-being most of the time

You are thinking about an event… fitting into a dress, making your friends envious, getting back at your ex, slaying for valentine, school reunion, and Christmas get together; so you focus and give your program all you’ve got for 3 months.

You do detox, fad diets, fasting, punish your body on a daily basis and do everything under the sun to force your body to obey you.

Fad diets and weight loss supplements

Where and when does your life and health in its totality come into it?

It does not

You are thinking about an event; that’s why once the program is over, you jump off after 3 weeks or 3 months and go back to your former life style.

You were not thinking long term but short term.

Most weight loss and diet program always focus on short term result.



The truth is that you are not just fat, you are a human being

You have also built habits and structures over the years that’s propagating your yo- yo weight loss weight gain, exercise and diet wagon.

These unhealthy habits have to be dismantled gradually, not overnight and then replaced habits with healthy and sustainable habits

You have to gradually replace the support system that was propagating your weight gain with healthy support system

And you have to replace the structures that were propagating your weight gain with healthier structures.

When you do these, wellness will become a lifestyle and weight loss will follow willingly without stress and struggle.

And when you fall off, those habits you’ve changed will make it easier for you to get back on and continue.

My daughter’s godparents in Reutlingen, Germany Herr and Frau Helsen built a life of wellness. They were 82 and 79, but 3 times a week they took a walk and on Sundays they took a long walk that involved some uphill walk.

They ate what everyone ate but in portions that worked for them. There was always fruit bowls in the house. They maintained their weight, and were never diagnosed with any disease

That was 16 years ago.

The wife told me they never thought about weight loss, they wanted to be healthy, to enjoy their grandchildren and not spend the money they walked for at a younger age in managing any illness.

Is that what you’re thinking or is it fitting in a size 6 or 8 dress by all means?

When it’s just a dress size, you’re more likely to do things that will sabotage your health; like using extreme and dangerous fad diets, drinking supplements, and drinking weight loss supplements that will do more harm than good.

Think about your wellness. Most celebrities you see marketing weight loss supplements are paid to do it. They don’t take it.

The fashion world bombards you with what to look like and you force yourself with methods you cannot sustain to look like models you see on runways and magazine covers.

That is their profession. They are paid to look like that, whether they do it in a healthy way or not is not the fashion world business.

But you… is that your profession?  Why are you forcing yourself to look like them?

Aim for a body that fits your body type in the healthiest way as possible

Look for a coach that will help you achieve a healthy weight loss, body and life transformation

Don’t you see Kate Henshaw working out with a trainer?

Even if you’re not a fan….her attempt to live a healthy life should be emulated.

It’s a new year, and resolutions are flying here and there and some have been discarded.

Decide to focus on your health and wellness

When you do that,  you will not only lose weight but you will stop indulging in habits that are harmful to your health.


Focus On Well being And Wellness Not Weight Loss

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