How Pregnancy Changed My Body (With Pictures) My Pregnancy & Postpartum series 1

On my wedding day, my skin was as smooth as butter, my face had its beautiful color and was glowing, my tummy was taut and smooth. I looked good

Fast forward to 9 months later…. Everything started changing gradually.

We had our wedding on May 27th 2001 and I became pregnant in February 2002. We had a prolonged honeymoon.

Anyway as you can see in the picture below, February and March was a bit nice to my complexion.

Pregnancy month 1-4….complexion still a bit Ok, just the morning sickness and lack of appetite

Everything started changing in May.

It was gradual, first my breasts got bigger, no complaints there…none at all

Then my face gradually got darker.

Pregnancy month 5…skin gradually getting darker

I was using my normal Norwegian body lotion I had always used because I have sensitive skin and I just couldn’t understand why my face was becoming darker on a weekly basis.

And it wasn’t just getting darker it was becoming swarthy like that of a rhinoceros. Sometimes, I would stand in the mirror when brushing my teeth and peer at my face for minutes and I couldn’t recognize the face looking back at me.

Surprisingly, from my neck down remained fairer than my face and has never really recovered from that pregnancy change.

At 6 months my stomach started itching like crazy and I would just go at it like a thirsty person with a glass of water.

When I went for check up my Doctor forbade me from scratching the itch (can you imagine that) and seemed very upset at some fine lines he saw on my stomach. He recommended a wonderful and expensive oil I should use and massage my stomach twice every day, he also recommended other self care items for my stomach.

The moment I started using it, the itching stopped. It was later I realized why he was upset that I didn’t report to him immediately the itching started. It gave me some beautifully designed stretch marks just around my belly button. Who cares? Not me

Pregnancy month 7…changes

At 7 months I attended a birth class where I was shown everything, including a video of a woman giving birth so I could adjust to the process. It didn’t help me adjust. I had pain in my Vjj throughout the day.

I told my Doctor of the pain and he said its psychological pain, it wasn’t real.

But I can feel it, he smiles and says “it’s your body trying to make sense of what you saw and why it should be that painful”.

I guess my body couldn’t make sense of the pain and my baby decided to sleep because my Vagina was not ready to be traumatized.  We’ll get to that part.

I am a very elegant woman, I walk like a model but at 8 months  I was walking in a manner that defied description. My posture was unbelievable. My shoulder was way back and I couldn’t walk fast anymore.

By then I also had waist pain and wow my hip was getting  wider…no complain there….none at all

My Doctor recommended sex position; “from the side will be more comfortable for you, with you facing away” he said. Of course I had to face away; my stomach will get in the way.

At 9 months, my pre natal check up was now once a week and everything was fine. I now had about 8 of the ultrasound pictures of my baby. The Doctor always printed them out and made sure I understood what was what.

2 weeks to my delivery date and my Doctor decided it was time for me to hear what my baby gets up to in my stomach.

So I listened to her heartbeat and her movement in my stomach for 30 minutes. Precious moments.

Pregnancy has finally turned my face black. Anyway I enjoyed listening to her heart beat and tracked the contraction.

My birth date was 17th October, but my contraction started seriously on the 22nd night. On 23rd morning, my husband drove me to the hospital – Kreiskrankenhaus.

I was ready to go in, push my baby out and wear my elegant top and walk out of the hospital with my body I would have snatched back.

But, my baby and my body had other ideas. Remember, my Vjj was not ready to be traumatized. I guess my baby got the message and started sleeping only waking up enough to give me a strong contraction that had me gripping my bed before deciding to sleep some more.

Well, the nurses and Doctors tried; they played music for her, rang bells, gave me hot waist and back massage with warm pebbles, put me in a tub that moved me with the contraction and occasional injections to alleviate the pain.

Still, my baby stayed put.


But by 27th morning I’ve had enough, my baby was enjoying her sleep and the Doctor said that “as long as she’s fine” which I could see from the device that was permanently strapped to my stomach, that “why bother myself”.

Did she understand what it meant to have contraction every 30 minutes for the 3 days?

She just smiled and wanted to get another pain reliever and I told my husband in Ibo that I’ve had enough, even if it’s CS that I was ready.

So, they had a meeting and decided that I would be given epidural anesthesia so I wouldn’t feel any pain and then be given another drug that will force my vjj to allow baby Chideraa meet me face to face.

We all agreed and I was given Epidural and at exactly 2 O’clock, my beautiful baby that has deemed it fit to change my body in so many ways came out.


My husband was asked to cut the umbilical cord but he stayed put beside me patting and kissing my head.

Few minutes later, they brought Chideraa to me and as I looked into her face I thanked God for the miracle of pregnancy and birth.


Even though, my body has changed, I have since recovered from some of the changes like the Diastasis Recti, but some other changes like the stretch mark around my belly button is there to stay and I don’t mind.

This morning as I was changing, Chideraa came in and kissed my belly button and relaxed on our bed to watch me dress.

Yes, pregnancy left some permanent changes that were unexpected in my body but, if I were to choose again, I would gladly take the changes and my 3 wonderful children that introduced me to motherhood.

So dear friend, I would like to hear from you. How did pregnancy change your body? Do let me know. Your experience may strengthen others that are dealing with body changes. Let’s talk below in the comment section.

In subsequent posts I will be sharing with you how tummy back from Diastasis Recti and my complexion too!


How Pregnancy Changed My Body (With Pictures) My Pregnancy & Postpartum series 1

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