What To Say And Do When People Say You’re Fat or Too Thin

You are fat has become a greeting in Nigeria. If people don’t tell you, you’re fat; they say your skinny and ask you if you’re sick.

This is the new hello and how are you doing? Looking at people and passing judgment on their appearance

Sometimes, this comes from people who have not seen you for a long time.

For most people on the receiving end of such comment, they end up feeling insecure and unhappy.

Some others have had their day totally spoilt by such comments.

When such comments come your way what do you do? Do you explain to them why you look fat or why you put on weight? Do you blame your dress or tell them they “should have seen you last month”?

Do you get sarcastic and tell them they’re pots calling kettle black, to get back at them?

You should know that most people that want to run you down are insecure and they’re using words to cover up their own inadequacy. Getting angry will only give them malicious delight.

Watch this 1 minute video and learn how to react to them and what you should also do on your own end


I love hearing from you.

After watching, please leave a comment. Have you ever been on the receiving end of such comments? What was your reaction?

What To Say And Do When People Say You’re Fat or Too Thin

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