Time With Nkeoma Kicks Off

Get ready for a time of life, wellness and body transformation tips and information guaranteed to help you build  a fulfilling, financially rewarding and happy life.

It’s time to discover your purpose, develop and deploy it and if you’re multi passionate and lost,  you will get the information that will help you find direction and clarity.

Time with Nkeoma is a 3 minutes or 180 seconds of practical and informative tips that will position you strategically to start living the life you’ve been longing for.

What  TIME WITH NKEOMA will cover

  • Business
  • Life
  • Wellness
  • Purpose Discovery and mastery
  • The business of your purpose – Passion to profit
  • Multi passionate people, and how to gain clarity and position yourself for business without confusion.


Keep a date every morning by 6am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

I’m Nkeoma – thegiftedcoach

Time With Nkeoma Kicks Off

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