Nigerian Foods That Can Help You Gain Weight In Your Buttocks And Thighs

A well shaped buttock not only looks good on a pair of jeans, it gives you an awesome shape and fit in whatever you wear. Talk of a confidence booster.

Recently there has been an increase in the demand of my ultimate curves plan.  There are people who want to gain healthy weight  specific areas and the weight losers are not left out n the curves thing, they are also concerned about not keeping their curves or building better ones.

But, do you know that apart from aesthetics that a well built buttock helps you run faster, jump higher and gets you fitter and stronger?

There’s is no one food that is going to be the all and all when it comes to gaining weight on your buttocks and thighs, however a  combination of healthy diet that provides you with enough calorie surplus to gain weight with an exercise program that focuses on building your lower body muscle is a win win.

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The focus here is to be in calorie surplus and then work with a fitness coach to guide you on specific workouts that will target your thighs and buttocks to make them bigger. Your routine should focus on exercise that will help you to build muscle in your wish zone.

Remember to choose healthy food, so that you build lean muscle. According to Nkeoma DND Agu, a fitness expert and body transformation coach and founder of Bellisima fitness and health studio, there’s a difference between well built lean buttocks  built on the correct nutrition and exercise program and buttocks built on supplements and eating unhealthy food –  you get wobbly, lumpy butt and thighs and that’s not what you are aiming for.

But are there foods that can specifically help with this …Yes. Let’s check out some of these foods.

Say yes to protein

Protein supplies your body with amino acids which you need to help you build up your lower body and it is readily available in lots of animal and plant based food. In Nigeria, we are spoilt for choice in plant and animal based protein and it is affordable.

For a 50 kg person you may need as much as 20 kg of protein in a day. This should not scare you, if you work with a fitness nutrition coach, you will be guided on how to get that in. Some of the ways may include adding fried eggs or boiled eggs to your meals, eating moi- moi with pap and milk, eating beans , adding chicken breast to your meals. Why chicken breast? Well because it has the highest amount of protein in a chicken.

Try eating black beans (Akidi), oil bean seed (Ukpaka) and Okpa (bambara nut pudding)

And Greek yogurt is a yes, just make sure that you are getting the right yogurt with live active culture not watery yogurt thickened with gelatin or corn starch and called Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt with mango

There are 3 of my favorite yogurts here, you can check them out. Cheese too.

Say yes to healthy fat

Adding healthy fat to your meal is one of the things that will help you on your way to building your thighs and butts. Remember healthy fat, so you don’t end up harming your health or building fat, lumpy butts.

You can start by adding peanut butter to your smoothie, adding butter and avocado pear to your bread and rice.

Ground nuts

You can also snack on almonds, cashew and other mixed nuts.

Say yes to healthy carbs

Healthy carbs is your very good friend for weight loss, you should make it your BFF for now . Focus on eating nutrient dense cards instead of empty calorie carbs.

Carbs is a primary source of energy for your muscles and brain that will increase your calorie intake and keep you energized. Some of your source is Yam, rice, potato, plantain, garri, Pap, Millet, Abacha, foo – foo and soup, pasta too.

Fried Rice with cabbage

Don’t forget your fruits and veggies so they can provide your body with the vitamins and minerals you need to function at your peak.

Say yes to working out…. but specifically for your butt and thighs

Does this mean you don’t work other parts of your body? Of course not. You should work out every part of your body as your warm up and then specifically work your lower body for maximum effect. Your training should be short burst of cardio and strength training exercise 30 – 40 minutes 3 – 4 times a week.

Exercise like dead lift, sumo squat and squats are a good place to start.

ME 2
Sumo squat with kettle bell

Doing planks and arm exercise will also help target your oblique, abs and arms for a more together kind of body. Make sure you have access to weights as they will help you to grow and strengthen your thighs faster recommends Nkeoma.

For maximum result, so you know exactly what to eat, what quantity and other secret exercises that I use to grow the thighs and butts of my clients register for the Ultimate curves Guide. You can also use  the contact me button to get in touch with me or  Whatsapp 08053398983 so we can develop your program that is tailored to workout you thighs and butts based on your physique and fitness level.

I’m Nkeoma but satisfied clients call me “the curves coach” or the “ultimate”. Start your plan and find out why.





Nigerian Foods That Can Help You Gain Weight In Your Buttocks And Thighs

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