Dear Mom, Your Body Is Not Damaged

Have you ever looked at your body after childbirth and felt betrayed, resentful and ashamed of your body?

Are you angry with your tummy that’s still big, months and years after childbirth? Are you ashamed of the stretch marks?

Your body didn’t choose to change, but it had to, in order to make room for your baby to develop properly.

But the good news is that you can still rehab your body to help it function the way it should. Watch the video and learn the right place so start healing your body and if you need help just join our Better Body and Life After Baby Program    


I’m Nkeoma DND Agu and I’m a post partum recovery / Diastasis Recti repair coach, mom of 3 wonderful children and I would love to help you rebuild your body the right way.

Join us

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