Muscle building

The Lies You’ve Been Told About Women, Weightlifting and Muscle Building.

Women and muscle building has become a controversial topic in the fitness industry. And one camp is becoming increasingly vocal with “their truth” “The extreme lift all you want nothing will happen to you camp” The problem with being in any camp is 3 fold. When you’re in a camp it closes your mind and […]

Which Comes First: Losing Fat Or Building Muscle?

Losing weight and getting a lean and sculpted look is the desire of most people that start a fitness routine. However, the right way and the best step by step guide to achieve this goal may leave you confused. Different fitness professional will give you different best way to achieve a leaner look depending on […]

The 4 Best Chest Workout for Men for Maximum Result

A well defined chest not only makes you attractive as a man, it is a blatant, in your face show of masculinity. If you have been dreaming of having a chest like Chris Evans – Captain America, then this post is for you.   To get such a chest, you must be dedicated to your […]

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