MOM 101 -The Post Partum Recovery and Diastasis Recti Guide

Do you want to rebuild your post pregnancy body, lose the mummy pooch, lose weight and regain your confidence? Then, you’re in the right place. All you need to start rebuilding your post partum body is here.

No more mistakes and no more trial and error.

  • Get a flatter tummy
  • Repair Diastasis Recti
  • Regain your confidence
  • Stop urinary leaks
  • Banish waist pain
  • Stop Painful intimacy
  • Blossom

This E book covers both vaginal and C.Section recovery and Diastasis Recti repair. Done with a Post Partum Recovery Specialist, women fitness experts, nutritionists and dietitians.


  • With 10 exclusive workouts with videos
  • 15 recipes with calorie content
  • 30 Minutes free consultation with me
  • PLUS Explanatory videos of certain basics

Since 2018, I’ve helped 100’s of women rebuild their bodies and lives after childbirth.


I’m a mother of 3 who also had Diastasis Recti in all 3 pregnancies and successfully repaired it and lives my life confidently. My experience was one of the things that made me go for training as post partum recovery coach.


Before I had my babies , I always thought that moms who had a big belly after childbirth did not take care of their bodies and I promised myself I wouldn’t let myself go. You can imagine how shocked I was to realize it was not laziness but lack of knowledge.

This book will teach you what happened in your body, why your tummy is not going down no matter what you do, the mistakes you’ve been making and steps to start taking immediately to rebuild your body.

Enough of its normal and confusion. Its not normal to leak when you jump, have severe waist pain and a tummy that refuses to go down months and years after childbirth.

Its time to heal.

This is an eBook so you can take them wherever you go. Get it for your sister, mom, wife friend, singles.

Every woman must have this book. This is the one book every woman should have.

The books will be available on pre order – N5,000

From 20th April – N7,500

From 28th April – N10,000

As the days go by, the price increases.

Pre order  here now

Available worldwide

MOM 101 -The Post Partum Recovery and Diastasis Recti Guide

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