Belly still big months & Years after Delivery? Here’s what you need to know and do.

After delivery a lot of moms are left with a tummy that won’t go down no matter what they do.

This leads to frustration and lack of self confidence.

You may have done all sorts of exercise, drank tea, used all sorts of waist trainers and supplements but your mummy tummy stays the same.

And, its not only that your tummy stays the same, you may also have involuntary urine leaks, waist pain and painful intimacy.

The reason your tummy is not getting flatter regardless of your best efforts is that you’re focusing on the symptom (mummy pooch) and not the systemic cause which is abdominal muscle separation or Diastasis Recti which happened during pregnancy.

Diastasis Recti or Abdominal Separation during pregnancy – The reason for your mummy pooch

Your left and right Rectus abdominal muscle separated during pregnancy to make room for your baby to grow.

If this abdominal separation is not repaired and closed after childbirth, your tummy will not go down no matter what you do.

So the first step towards your post partum recovery and getting a flatter tummy after childbirth is assessment.

You can’t take care of what you don’t understand. You need to test yourself for DR or ask your Doctor to assess you.

And if you have it, the next thing to do is to join BBLB plan – Better Body and Life after Baby.

I’ve helped a lot of moms both in Nigeria and International clients to rebuild their post partum body after childbirth

You can rebuild your post pregnancy body. One of my clients from US

This is one on one coaching plan to guide you to heal your DR and get a flatter tummy.

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Belly still big months & Years after Delivery? Here’s what you need to know and do.

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