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Can Hip Dips Be Removed?

When you ask most women what they want removed or flattened, they will likely tell you belly fat and arm fat. But there is something else that has been coming up a lot lately; the hip dips. The hip dips are the inward curves or a dip like indentation just below the hip bones on […]

Your 6 Most Frequently Asked Question about Cellulite Answered

  So, you have cellulite? You are not alone. Cellulites, just like stretch marks are not painful or harmful. It is just not pretty. For most women, the introduction to cellulite is after giving birth. According to Nnenna, a nurse and mother of 3 kids “A few months after giving birth to my 2nd baby, […]

When Was the Last Time you Showed Love to Yourself? 2 – What does Loving Yourself Mean?

How do you react when people give you a compliment? Do you accept it, smile and thank them or are you one of those when they hear “You look good” or “Sharp shirt”, they go – Oh? (eye roll) Are you serious?This shirt? I have had it since 2004. I even forgot I had it. […]

When Was The Last Time You Showed Love To Yourself? 1

Is it possible to love, care and respect others without first loving, caring and respecting yourself? When was the last time you did something for you because you deserve it and not to please someone else? I had this conversation recently and it made me think about the relationship we have with ourselves. Me – […]

The 4 Best Chest Workout for Men for Maximum Result

A well defined chest not only makes you attractive as a man, it is a blatant, in your face show of masculinity. If you have been dreaming of having a chest like Chris Evans – Captain America, then this post is for you.   To get such a chest, you must be dedicated to your […]

Is Body Image a Female Issue? I Don’t Think So

  Body image is how you feel about your physical appearance and how you think others see your physical appearance. Body image was believed to be a problem reserved for women but right now men are feeling the heat too. The only reason it seems it does not affect them is because they have grown […]

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