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ALL OUR PLANS are on sales at the moment BBLB – Better Body and Life after Baby Rebuilding your core, repairing your Diastasis Recti and your pelvic floor is no longer a luxury. BBLB is the most effective way to get a flatter tummy, stop urine leaks, manage prolapse and your weight after childbirth so […]

Why You Should Go To The Gym

The gym is not just for weight loss, muscle building and keeping fit. One of the non exercise related benefits of the gym is interaction and networking with other people which can reduce and even prevent depression. Working out at home is good but when you can go out and interact with other people. The […]

Welcome To Bellisima Fitness YouTube Channel

Join me as we explore topics, strategies and tools to help you in areas of wellness – weight loss, nutrition, fitness, emotional wellness, pregnancy, postpartum and your over all purpose in life. I’ll be posting new videos every Tuesday and Friday. Want to be notified of new videos? Just click the subscribe button below the […]

Are You Living With A Messy Partner? Take These 5 Steps Before You Lose Your Mind

Living with a messy partner does not just affect you space, it also affects your wellness goals. Have you ever tried to find one pair of your trainers after dressing up for gym? Did you find it? How did that affect your mood? Did you still go to the gym? Messy is quite different from […]

4 Steps To Ditch Food Guilt Before It Eats You Up

Guilt is so insidious. It subtly eats you up, paralyses you and keeps you from making progress. The time you would have used for something constructive, you waste it in condemning yourself. You spend time agonizing over when you have been good and when you have been bad and conclude that you have no will […]

7 Common Posture Mistake by Women And How To Correct Them

  Although some of the reasons for bad posture like sitting down for a long time and “office chair hunch” seem occupational, for most women their posture problem is sometimes a result of just, well, being a woman.   Maintaining a correct posture is a battle most women have been having with their body for […]

7 Bad Habits that is slowly Destroying your Teeth

Toothache, tooth decay and tooth sensitivity is a problem that defies age. Children as young as 8 years are having tooth extraction at an alarming rate. The teenagers, young adults, and older adults are not left out. You may brush and floss regularly but it may be the other habits and activities which are not […]

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