How To Get Your Body Back After Childbirth : Webinar

In this Webinar, you’ll learn why your tummy is still big months and years after delivery, how to get a flatter tummy and lose weight after delivery, exercises to do and the ones to avoid.

You will finally learn what really happened in your body and the exercise and nutrition guidelines you need to start the rebuilding process.

Why do I have a tummy pouch that won’t go away months and years after childbirth? A lot of mom’s are bewildered that you can’t get a flat belly after childbirth no matter what you do.

And in most cases they lose weight every where else except their tummy. And not only that, some moms experience:

1.Waist / back pain

2.Involuntary urine leaks when they jump,sneeze, laugh or cough

3. Painful intimacy

4.A tummy that remains big

5.Lack of confidence

6.Not being able to wear what they want.

In a society that judges women based on how you look. You may end up doing all sorts of things to get your body back.

But, most times your attempt fail because you do not understand what happened in your body.

You may have Diastasis Recti which is when the right and left sides of your abdominal muscles separates in the middle during pregnancy to make room for your baby to grow. If this split is not closed your tummy will not go down no matter what you do.

But, I come bearing good news, you can get a flatter tummy after childbirth and live confidently.

In this webinar, i will be teaching you about symptoms, what to do to get your tummy back, what to avoid and how to eat.

The webinar will be on Friday,the 20th of November, 2020 by 7 – 9p.m WAT via Zoom.

Your investment is 3,000 NGN (3 thousand naira only) or $8

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Agu, Nkeoma C


Access bank…Diamond

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This webinar is a must attend if you are pregnant, a mom or a woman. Its time to learn and heal so we don’t repeat the mistake of our mom.

You don’t have to manage your post partum challenges , it can be taken care of. Come with your questions,too.

My name is Nkeoma DND Agu and I’m a post partum recovery specialist, Diastasis Recti repair expert and wellness consultant. m a mom of 3 children. Let me teach you what really works.

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How To Get Your Body Back After Childbirth : Webinar

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