Simple 1O Minutes Breakfast For Busy Mom’s

Take a break from boring cereals and bread and try this healthy and fat loss friendly breakfast. It takes 5-10 minutes to prepare. But if you prep the vegetables in the night, all you have to do is add them to your frying pan and the total cooking time will come down to 3-5 minutes. […]

Is Your Child A Picky Eater? Here’s What You Should Do

  Living with a picker eater, child or adult can be a real pain but it is not a helpless situation. picky eating is when a child or an adult prefers to eat the same type of food over and over or refuses food often. Most picky eaters are also slow eaters and may actually […]

7 Bad Habits that is slowly Destroying your Teeth

Toothache, tooth decay and tooth sensitivity is a problem that defies age. Children as young as 8 years are having tooth extraction at an alarming rate. The teenagers, young adults, and older adults are not left out. You may brush and floss regularly but it may be the other habits and activities which are not […]

Should Fruit be in your Food List when you Want to Lose Weight?

  Fruits are healthy but when it comes to weight loss, all fruits are not created equal. The type of fruit you eat and the quantity plays a big role on how successful you will be in your weight loss goal. Fruits are a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants like Vitamin C, potassium, Folate […]

I Am Never Drinking That Again!

  Why do manufacturers make products in smaller packs? Could it be to make your life easier and make the product more convenient and cheaper? You know, so you can tear, pour, shake and drink. No serious effort really on your part. But why is it cheaper? Could it be the ingredients?  Are they not […]

How Does my Body Type Affect my Weight Loss Program?

Knowing your body type is very important when starting a fitness program. It will help you to focus on the right fitness and nutrition program that will work best for you to achieve your weight loss goals. Exercise and nutrition is not a one size fit all thing. What worked for your friend may not […]

Is Body Image a Female Issue? I Don’t Think So

  Body image is how you feel about your physical appearance and how you think others see your physical appearance. Body image was believed to be a problem reserved for women but right now men are feeling the heat too. The only reason it seems it does not affect them is because they have grown […]

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